Magix Magazine on DJ Ellix

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Magix Magazine has published an awesome article about dj Ellix focusing on her music production experience using the Magix software, Plus a review of her first electrostep track "B.I.D."

You can read the exclusive interview here: Music Monday – DJ Ellix

For other languages follow these links:
Spanish version / Italian Version

First EP released! Coming soon to iTUNES

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My "Heart Drive Reset EP" has just been released and it's now available for purchase at the official dj Ellix store! It includes some of my best dubstep tracks "Death Will Be My Alibi" and "B.I.D.", plus "Uncanny", "Flatliner" and more! I've added 2 trance bonus tracks. This is a 7 track EP, showcasing some of the tracks that will be part of the full CD coming out on 2013. Click here to purchase your copy!

The EP will also be available at iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, emusic, La Curacao, LastFM, Rhapsody, Nokia, playlist.com and many other stores!
And don't forget that you can purchase each track individually at my store at this link. If you don't want to spend any money, get some free samples from the downloads section.

WOW! A dj Ellix Mobile app!

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The dj Ellix mobile app has been launched! It's available at the Google Play store and at AppZoom for any Android platform users to download, totally free! Soon to be available for iphone and iPad too!

The app includes tracks, news, photos, links and more! So you'll be able to carry your favorite dj Ellix tacks with you wherever you go at no cost. Go here to download! Or download it directly from AppZoom.

Theme for Unity Worldwide Ministries TV Show

I was recently asked to do this theme for the Unity Worldwide Ministries TV Show that is live every sunday here in DR. I hadn't made any incidental music in a while. I decided to do a cinematic chill out theme for them, check it out, hope you guys like it.

Buy the EP!